Saturday, November 21, 2009

Weigh In - The Moment of Truth

So this morning was my weigh in morning. I really hold no value in appearance but as I want to get down to 60kg there is just one thing I didn't want to see on the scales: 70kg, or above. I'm not too worried about weight really but I just didn't want to have crossed into that unknown territory of 70+kg. Other than being pregnant I've never weighed that much, & I really didn't want to.

So up I stepped, onto the scales... & they read 69.4kg! Phew! Under - just, but under all the same. So I have 9.4kg to lose by 28th June 2010. That's 7 months away, surely I can do it. Hubby weighed in also, he is 97.9kg. He is aiming for 10kg by my birthday, although I think he'd probably settle for 8kg. It's difficult for him to make an aim as he's gained a lot of muscle bulk in the last 12 months so we're not really sure what he should weigh but with the size of his belly at the moment I'm sure 10kg would be an appropriate aim.

I will not post my weight again til next Saturday. I refuse to weigh in more than once a week, it just becomes obsessive & silly if I do that.

Alrighty then. There you go.


  1. Good luck! I am sure you will be able to lose that weight by then. I think your target is an achievable one.

  2. Wishing you luck! But they say when one person loses weight another one gains it... hope it's not me... ;)

  3. Looks like a great blog in the making Natelle!

    I've always been quite naturally thin, but after I had my 3rd son, I found the extra weight around my hips and stomach especially hard to shift. (Not to mention nearing 40. Obviously my metabolism is slowing down. Darn it!) I kind of ignored it until I went to step on some scales at a sports shop out of curiosity one day. Like you, I weighed more than what I ever had.

    I decided to walk 30 mins a day. 6 days per week. And I have to say, the weight shifted quite quickly just by doing that. I also watched a little what I ate. I'm a HUGE fan of soft cheeses, and too much of a good thing doesn't help. But I don't diet. I think just staying clear of the bad foods, or just cutting back on them can make a huge difference.

    Anyway, I don't own scales, but I could tell just by my clothes that everything started to fit me much better last year.

    Unfortunately, I got busy towards the end of last year, and I stopped walking so much. I went to put some shorts on the other day that I wore last year, and nup. Couldn't get the last two buttons up. So I've started to realise I've got to get back in to it. And reading this has inspired me again!

    Thanks. Good luck. I'm sure you'll get there. x

    PS - Apologies for the long comment. I love a chat!

  4. Thanks so much Jodie! Your advice is great!Thanks for reading!! :)